Is Waterburst the future?

Here we go! For my first review, I needed to open up with a cracker, and this product certainly delivers the results I was hoping for. A relatively new product that is taking the world by storm. Only released last December, but is highly becoming the must-have product. This is Glamglow’s newest Waterburst hydrating moisturiser. If I am completely honest I had only heard about this brand in passing and hadn’t tried any of their products before. Fortunately, now my eyes have been opened.

I have always suffered extremely badly with dry skin and eczema on my face, recently it feels as though I have bought a new moisturiser weekly in the hope that it would tame the dryness. As the months flew by there was nothing that would sustain the hydrated skin that was promised on the box! Last week by chance encounter I decided to pop in a Space NK store in Harrogate for a new foundation (i’ll go into this more in my next post). The assistant was extremely helpful and got the perfect match for my skin type, during this process she asked if I would like to try and take a tester of Waterburst as she thought it could really help my skin. Needless to say, after testing overnight I marched straight back there the next day and threw it in my shopping bag!

On the packaging, the product promises “a weightless water cream, with hydration technology for 72-hour moisture that leaves you with supple, sexy skin with a hydrated glow” however there are so many other products out there promising very similar results so I was a little sceptical. However, I must admit I’m a sucker for pretty packaging and this one had my half sold as soon as I saw it. I am sure you’ll all agree it is a very sexy little box.


The first thing you will notice as you open this product up for the first time is the divine smell that made me feel as though I was surrounded by sweets. You only need a small amount of the light cream gel to cover your whole face and neck area. As soon as the cream touches your skin a burst of moisture is released. As this is a light product it is absorbed very easily, and left my face instantly feeling soft, happy and hydrated. The biggest test was yet to come, how it would hold up under makeup interrogation. This is where many of my previous creams have fallen short. As soon as that foundation hits my skin normally we have instant dry skin cracks that are not a pleasant site. However, even with the light texture and feel, Waterburst held up extremely well. In fact, it was the smoothest my skin has looked for a very long time and did last me all day with no sneaky dry patches appearing.

The only downside to this great product is that it’s a tad pricey however I feel that this small negative is completely overridden by how great it’s made my face feel and as such a small amount is needed each use, it should last me a long time. As long as Matilda doesn’t get her hands on it! Overall this product gets a double thumbs up from me and if you suffer from dry facial skin would be a brilliant staple to have in your collection for use day and night.

Have you tried Glamglow Waterburst? Let me know what you think?


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