Give me that Galactic Glow!

Over a month ago I began what felt like an endless search for a new highlighter. Trying to battle my way through an ocean of liquid gold and sparkles felt like a never-ending (but albeit very pleasant) battle. With so much choice out there I knew that I wouldn’t have to spend the earth the get the perfect glow.

Rather than a subtle glow, I wanted to find something that would make me visible from space and then this little beauty popped up while I was browsing through Pinterest one evening. The eye-catching shades immediately drew me in and I thought it best to look a little further into this GWA Galactic Glow palette. GWA (girls with attitude) was a new brand for me but I was very happy to read they’re cruelty-free! Ticking all the boxes so far and very much middle of the road on the pricing front at £15.99 which I think is very good for a palette of this high quality.

img_2850So let’s get to the good stuff, those three beautiful colours from left to right we have Rose Glow, Prismatic Opal & Eclipse. I really do love all of these colours and each one has an ombre effect to them so you’re actually get nine shades instead of three. I’ve used this palette every day since I got it and I think I’m leaning towards Prismatic Opal as my favourite as it’s perfect for an everyday summer glow. However, I will run through each colour in a little more detail for you so you can decide which is your favourite too.

img_2851Rose Glow: For any of you rose gold fans out there this colour is a must for you, imagine a peachy gold graduating to a champagne pink then finishing with a pink blush, it is the perfect colour to wear in the summer with a tan. The rose gold glow is the most subtle of the shades and I think the easiest to wear if you aren’t a huge highlighter user. I have found this colour looks its best on those of you who have a warmer skin tone. Unfortunately, I am not one of those but the colour still looks really lovely on my skin.



Prismatic Opal: As I mentioned before this is my favourite of all the three colours and is the one my hand is drawn to every morning, the three pigments built into this stunning colour are pearl white, sweet pink and finish with a soft pearl pink. For me, this colour compliments my pale skin tone the best and is great for using every day but also gives me that seen from space glow that I was looking for. It really does give a very pretty pink finish to my makeup every day.

img_2851-2Eclipse: This is the shade that I was the most dubious about as I wasn’t 100% sure how the lavender tones would sit on my skin. However, this is now my 2nd favourite colour from this palette, if I’m doing something special or just fancy starting my day with a bang this is the colour I choose the pigments ranging from a silvery shimmer to iridescent violet is the perfect full-on glow for anyone that’s serious about their highlighter.


img_2967These colours are perfect to use individually or sweep the brush across all three to combine the shine, I’ve found these are perfect for both day and night looks and you can really build up so you can get the glow you want. The colours are ultra pigmented so a little really does go a long way, there’s a handy little mirror built into the case so you can highlight on the go, not that I have found I need to as the colour lasts all day. Just to mention the case briefly, it is beautiful if you’re a fan of anything shiny or metallic then this will probably have you sold instantly.


Overall the colours feel extremely smooth on the skin and sit perfectly with any foundation I wear, this is an online special so you can only get it direct from the GWA website but it really is worth it. It’s the perfect summer treat!


Thank you for reading, and let me know which is your favourite shade??

Anni xx

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