Living the Limelife

Hello everyone, welcome back to Anni’s Beauty Boutique, hope you’re all having a good week and enjoying our little transition from summer to autumn. Personally, I have to be dragged kicking and screaming into this season, the only benefit for me is the return of the big baggy jumpers. Perfect for hiding a multitude of sins, including when this years beach body hasn’t quite worked out how I planned. I think I might need some professional help to get over this Chinese addiction.

Anyway, I digress, I’m here to talk to you about a new little discovery I’ve made. A revolution even into the way I think about foundation, as you can all imagine being in this line of work I’ve tried quite a large amount and they have all either been, liquid, powder or cream. Different formulas but always one of these three.img_6771

Then one of my friends became a beauty guide for Limelife by Alcone. This was a brand I’d never heard of before.  I have better acquainted myself with them now. Coming from a family run business myself it was nice to see they’re a family run company co-founded by Michele Gay and Madison Mallardi, an aunt and niece team in 1952. The company was originally founded to provide professional makeup to the film and stage industry but has now been expanded to include all natural skincare and incredible makeup for all.



I started seeing her amazing before and after pictures more frequently and was very intrigued with the new foundation she was wearing as it appeared to cover amazingly and seemed very effortless to achieve a stunning full-coverage glowing look. I needed to give it a try, but before I give you my verdict I shall give you a little bit of information on the product.


Limelife’s botanical Perfect Foundation comes in 16 different shades and was developed by the RCMA (Research Council Of Makeup Artists) and has been used as a staple of makeup artists for years. It’s a wax based paraben free, highly pigmented formula and can be layered up for a full coverage look or applied sparingly for a more natural sheer glow. This formula can be used on both dry and oily skin alike, and as my friend Rachel has oily skin and mine is dry I can confirm this is true and with all natural and botanical ingredients, there shouldn’t be anything that would upset sensitive skin. New-in-Box-Limelight-by-Alcone-Botanical-Foundation

When I first used this foundation I had a tiny little wineover, so I really needed some extra help, I hadn’t really read at that point the recommended way to use but I thought I wouldn’t go far wrong with my little beauty blender and some hope. With it being a wax formula it did take a little bit of getting used to as it’s so pigmented you really do need a little bit on your sponge to cover a long way. Once I got used to that its a really easy product to use. I haven’t tried a brush yet but with a damp beauty blender, you just need to dab the palette a few times and buff it onto your skin. I was slightly worried that my dry skin would appear through the foundation as pretty much any contact I’ve had with cream foundation (the closest formula to wax I’ve tried) in the past has instantly dried my skin and made it look flaky, happily the wax is completely different it didn’t have a moisturising effect but sat on my skin flawlessly. I also suffer from a lot of redness on my cheeks and most foundations in the past struggle to cover it and I have to resort to a fair amount of concealer to hide it, that is not the case with this beauty, it covered all the redness like a dream, I’ll pop some pictures of my before and after on so you can really see the difference it makes. Even the horrendous eye baggies are covered without any extra help.


I’m really enjoying experimenting with the varying ways you can use this versatile foundation. You don’t have to settle for full-coverage every time you can achieve a variety of looks from one foundation;

  • Light coverage- use a damp sponge or brush
  • Normal – use a dry sponge or brush
  • All day opaque finish- set with some pressed powder
  • Hydrated look – use a small amount of face oil just before applying

Overall I am extremely happy with this foundation and it has replaced my current foundation for good. The coverage is so flexible and when it’s set, lasts all day. Another really important bonus of this formula is how light it feels on the skin, it may look like full coverage but it feels like I haven’t got anything on! The thing I liked most though was the wonderful service you get from shopping with Rach, a personal colour match that’s all done online and then when I received my little parcel not only did I get my foundation but also some little skincare samples, which are that good I shall be writing another review on them next. For me coming from an MLM background, I know how important it is to shop with friends, family and acquaintances that are going out on their own and creating their own businesses. By helping them grow you’re helping to fulfil a dream.

Thank you for reading and I hope you all have a great week!

Anni xx

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