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Wow! How on earth are we at the beginning of November already, this year is fully zooming by, before you know it I’ll be forcing the entire office to listen to me wailing out some Christmas tunes, bring on some Slade! I digress we’re not quite ready for Christmas talk yet so back to what I’m actually here for! Giving you a little run through of Septembers Birchbox, I must apologize for making you wait so long. Things have been very quiet on the blog front, life has been a bit crazier and hectic than normal so something, unfortunately, had to take a back seat. I’ve missed my little beauty boutique though as much as I hope it’s an informative vat of beauty knowledge for you, it’s something just for me that I can lose myself in writing for a few hours. Sometimes when you have kids, work or just general life it can be hard to take the time for yourself and I haven’t done for the past couple of months and I’ve suffered mentally for it so from now on no more excuses the blogs will get written for you and for me. img_7332

Septembers box was filled with some intriguing products, in particular, the Benefit blush which came in a choice of two colours Galifornia or Gold Rush, I’ve tried many Benefit products in the past but never a blush so this was at the top of my list to try first. One thing I really love about the Birchbox subscription is that I get the choice every month to pick the colour or style of one product, so as much as it’s a surprise you also get to tailor some things to your skin tone, type or colour preference. One of the benefits of leaving it so long to write up my review is that it’s given me even longer to test the products and see which I need in my daily routine and which I can do without.

img_7335Nuxe – Multi-Usage Dry Oil Shimmer: Now this is personally a product I would never deviate to in a shop, I do love a good highlighter but that’s about as far as it goes in the shimmer world for me. I can’t say on a night out or just general day to day I’ve ever thought my arms, chest or legs really needed that shimmer to make them passable, unfortunately, in regards to my pasty milk bottle legs, they need a bit more help than a little bit of shimmer oil to give them the wow factor! I did, however, go into trying this product with an unbiased mind, if starting reviewing has taught me anything is that I now have a love and need for items I might never have tried before. It is suggested that you work a few drops of this #gold-flecked oil onto the above-mentioned extremities for a beautifully subtle shimmer, this oil isn’t just designed to look good but is also enriched with Vitamin E and 6 botanical oils which did leave my skin feeling very silky smooth a nice balance between looking and feeling good. It’s also designed for use on hair, personally, I didn’t really like this suggestion as even just using a couple of drops on the end left them feeling lank and a bit greasy. This oil does look subtly pretty when I used on my arms, I am saving the rest for summer now as I feel that when/if I get a nice tan it will enhance my glowing skin. Not an everyday oil but perfect for holidays, parties or summer festivals. 6/10!

img_7346Benefit – Box ‘O’ Powder (Galifornia): This was definitely by far my favourite product this month, first of all, the smell is incredible, scented like pink grapefruit and vanilla. This actually made me want to eat it or smear it all over my face, I did refrain though from fear of looking like a deranged clown and just stuck with where it’s designed to go. Galifornia gives you the warm glow of Calfornia sunshine to any look and is a mix of gorgeous pink and shimmering gold. The perfect colour if you want subtly pretty cheeks and a more natural look with your makeup. The formula is very highly pigmented and you only need a sweep of a fluffy brush to get all the colour you need, even though this is only a mini version of the product there’s no fear of it running img_7347out anytime soon. It’s made me really want to try some more of the benefit blush shade range, I hope they all smell as good. The other colour available in this box was Gold Rush a  warm gold nectar blush for an even more natural glow. So happy with this product and it’s quickly become my everyday go-to shade. If you haven’t tried any of the Benefit blushes I would highly recommend giving them a go. A solid 10/10 for me!

img_7339Baja- Caramalised Honey Body Scrub: If you fancy adding a little bit of luxury to your bathtime routine then this body scrub is the way forward. I absolutely love this 97% natural exfoliator that’s a gorgeous blend of sugar, honey and sunflower oil. Perfect for massaging onto damp skin then rinse away for a fresh soft skin. With my skin being on the sensitive/dry end of the scale I need to be careful with what body exfoliators I use as some can be far to harsh on my skin and leave it feeling a little sore. The Baja scrub is completely different, it doesn’t feel as though as it’s scratching away dead rather gently scrubbing. It did leave my skin feeling very smooth and is great for use a couple of times a week. The full-size version is £14.90 which I think is very reasonably priced for such a nice luxury feeling product. 8/10

img_7333Marcelle- City 24h Anti Pollution Day & Night Moisturising Emulsion: Now this is a moisturiser with a texture unlike anything I have tried before, just as the name suggests it’s like you slapping some paint emulsion all over your face, from the texture I wasn’t convinced it would hydrate my skin but I did use it day and night for a few days and it really did keep any dryness at bay and my skin felt nice throughout the day, no tightness creeping in. The main benefit of this cream is to act as a city guard to shield skin from pollution, unfortunately, I’m more of a country gal so this won’t really benefit me hugely. It is also designed to work as good makeup base so for a few days I skipped the primer and just let the emulsion go to town as it’s not greasy I found my makeup went on just as well as it normally does and stayed in place all day. The only downside is the price, the full-size product is £23 which I feel is a little steep for what it actually does. If you live in a high pollution area there are more benefits than there would be for me, but not living in that situation I can’t give an opinion on that one I am going to save the rest for my next city break to give it a real test. 5/10

img_7345Eyeko – Brow Liner – Medium:  I think this will be the third Eyeko product I’ve received from subscription boxes to try out and before I even had the chance to try it I saw quite a few negative views on this liner. All the reviews I’ve seen was on the medium shade (the same as mine) and apparently, it was appearing a little green! I must admit when you try the product on your hand there is a definite khaki tinge to the colouring. When I used the product on my actual brows I couldn’t fault the colour at all, it matched perfectly with my brows and gave a natural look. It was the first time I’d tried a brow liner like this, I’ve used many pencils in the past but this is more a liquid felt tip. The precision tip is designed to allow you to draw on individual ‘hairs’. This is the only part for me where the liner let me down even with the precision tip it’s too thick and the formula just doesn’t work for drawing on hairs individually, so if you have sparse or no brows and need to start from scratch drawing them on I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this for you. That being said if you have a brow shape you’re happy with and just need to add a little colour and some easy Va Va Voom to your look then this is perfect. It’s so easy to use and because I just wanted to subtly enhance what I’ve already got its become my every day go to for ease of use. I’ll pop a little before and after below so you can see what this product can do. The full-size replacement is £15 and when this runs out I’ll definitely be purchasing again, it saves me so much time in the mornings! 9/10!!!

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Thank you for having a little read, let me know if you’ve tried any of these products and what you think.



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