Sorry For The Delay….

For the past five months I’ve been focusing all my extra time and energy into being a Bodyshop consultant, so as well as full-time work and looking after the little monster I’ve been working more and more in the network marketing world! At times a very scary world to be part of! Over the past few weeks things have all been getting on top of me and my stress levels have been through the roof, my chest feels tight constantly and I’m worried and anxious about anything and everything. So I decided it’s time for a change. If I’m completely honest Body Shop was just something for me to try out as another hobby. Now I’m certainly not going to say this is the root of all my problems but I sat down with the hubster the other night and talked through everything that stressed me out. Unfortunately, the network marketing world was pretty high up on the list. There’s always the personal pressure to do well, hit targets and something that was supposed to be a bit of fun has turned into a second job that I was starting to resent. So I’ve made the decision to scale back completely what I was doing on the Body Shop front. I’m not leaving but I’m taking away all the pressure of setting posts up and ordering every week and just picking and choosing what I want to do with it.

As Tom pointed out to me during our chat I don’t seem happy doing it, but when I did seem really happy was when I sat down in an evening to work on my reviews or plan out some blog posts. Finding new and exciting products to try out and let you all know what I thought.

I’m hoping that by getting my head back into the blogging game I’ll be able to find some focus again and a little bit of passion for something that really got my juices flowing. This time around though it’s not just going to be a one-stop beauty and skincare show. I want to share me with you, my family, my loves, dislikes and my thoughts on lots of different things surrounding my life.

Being a mummy to a wonderful three year old certainly has its highs and lows so be prepared to come along for the ride with me.

Thank you all for reading, hope you have a fabulous week.

Anni xx

2 thoughts on “Sorry For The Delay….

  1. Aww 🥰, Anni Lou, I’m so pleased to read this, I need to have my happy 😃 go lucky 🍀 Anni back, you need to be enjoying your time with the beautiful Tilly pops and Tom, they must come before anything that stresses you , nothing is worth feeling worried about, life’s precious to not enjoy, just let’s her you having lots of fun with what you post, love you very much, Granny Janny, xxx

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