Twinkle All The Way.

Hello everyone, hope you’re all well it’s been a while since I’ve reviewed a good old Birchbox, I haven’t had one for a while but I really loved the products in this box so thought I’d share them and my thoughts with you. This is actually my December box, but better late than never!

This box was actually gifted to me by Birchbox which is amazing so with my subscription I ended up with twice the amount of products to try, which is pretty amazing. The bonus is with having double of the products they’ve all been given an extremely good trial and I got to try both shades of the Laritzy liquid lipstick. After cancelling my subscription for a few months as I didn’t have the time to review them I’m getting back on it and I’m going to be starting the subscription up again. If you fancy getting your own box I’m going to put a little link below for you to get 2 boxes for just £10! (offer valid until 9th May)

2 Boxes for £10 this Bank Holiday at Birchbox. Use Code: YAY

img_0550Smashbox The Original Photo Finish Smooth and Blur Primer – Rrp £26: Okay so first a little bit of info on this primer, the formula is designed to smooth and blur any fine lines or pores. The oil-free gel keeps makeup in place throughout the day. 

This was hands down my favourite item in this months box. It felt so smooth on my skin and left if very soft. It can feel a little heavy when applying but don’t let that put you off. My makeup went on very well, no dry skin appeared and it did last all day. As this formula is oil-free it will be great for anyone that has oily skin.

As the big 30 is getting closer I’m starting to notice some wonderful little fine lines around my eyes, which foundation and concealer just absolutely love to sit in. Just to make the ageing process more wonderful. Usually, as the day wears on other primers I’ve used have started to give in around lunchtime and the lines start to appear, this primer on the other hand pretty much kept them at bay all day and helped me achieve an overall all-around youthful glow. Both my samples have been completely emptied, unfortunately. I will definitely be ordering the full -size for myself. If you don’t like the £26 price tag you can also buy the travel sized version for £15, with you only needing a pea-sized amount each day either size will last a while. This one gets a 5/5!!!!

If you’re interested in trying some or would like a little more info click on the picture below for my link to the site. 

img_0541Balance Me Flash Cleanse Micellar Water – RRP £16 – This micellar water removes makeup without damaging the skin and is a soothing blend of peptides, chamomile, neroli and mandarin which all help to fight signs of ageing and supports skin cell regeneration. 

All you need to do is apply two pumps onto a cotton pad and wipe over a dry face until makeup is removed. No rinsing is required. Can also be used as a morning cleanser for a quick refresher. 

Well, I’ve not actually got too much to say on this one other than that it definitely does what is said on the tin. It has a very botanical smell but I don’t mind that at all. It is quite an oily cleanser but for my dry skin that was a good thing. If you have oily skin it might not be the best cleanser for you. Didn’t take a lot of effort at all to remove makeup. The only downside for me was I needed to be a little careful around my eyes if I was a little too rough with the application it could sting a little. That being said overall it left my skin feeling very clean and soft after use and not at all sticky. I’m keeping my 2nd bottle now for when I go away next as its the perfect travel size and I know it’s going to do a good job. 3/5

img_0546Oh K! Sheet Mask- Bubble – RRP £4The unique formula in this bubble maks reacts with the oxygen in the air to form tiny bubbles when you place the mask on your face – resulting in a hilariously foaming face and a soft radiant complexion. 

Gently rub the sachet to mix and evenly distribute the mask, before carefully applying to the face. Allow to bubble (and maybe take a selfie) and leave for 10-15 minutes before removing and rinsing. 

I think this is hands down my favourite sheet mask ever! Even if I didn’t actually like the mask I would still keep using them just for the benefit of turning into a wonderful cloud. I was a bit nervous to start with that it might tickle a bit too much as the bubbles appear, but it was actually quite a nice sensation. Almost like a little massage for my face. The mask smells lovely and is very nice and easy to use. It was actually quite exfoliating and cleansing and left my skin hydrated, fresh and softer after use. Will definitely be purchasing some of these. 4/5 

img_0554Laritzy Cosmetics Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick – RRP £20: If I’m completely honest this is a brand I’d never heard of before so I really had no idea what to expect. It does state on the Birchbox description that it’s “rich, pigmented colour that seriously won’t budge. A comfortable texture that won’t settle into the lines of your lips or leave them feeling dried out. 

I found that the colours were indeed rich and beautiful. Both colours completely complimented my skin tone. The applicator was great and made applying extremely easy. The formula dries pretty quickly as-well so you don’t get any transference. The colour didn’t crack and it did stay fairly even. The only issue I have with this is it’s not as long lasting as it says it is. Or personally it wasn’t for me. I can’t seem to find anything for me that will stay on through food and drinks and this formula just couldn’t manage it either. Having said that generally it did stay on well and I only needed to reapply twice in the day which really doesn’t bother me. The price is a little high but the overall quality and colour does make it worthwhile. 4/5

img_0543Percy & Reed Totally TLC Hydrating Mask – RRP £22 (175ml): This mask is perfect for anyone whose hair is in desperate need of a good drink. This deeply nourishing treatment is designed to transform your hair into luscious locks that are soft healthy and manageable. Simply apply the mask to damp hair (focus on the mid-lengths and ends). Cover with the heat activating cap (included with the mask) and leave 2-3 minutes before rinsing. 

I thought this was a really lovely treat for my hair I used the Birchbox comb to brush it all through.  From the instructions it did sound a little like standard conditioner but it really left my hair feeling very soft, not greasy and frizz free. I could still feel the benefits from the mask a couple of washes later. Weekly use would be perfect for this mask. Price is a little high but if your looking for a luxurious treatment it’s worth it. 4/5

Extra Goodies:

I love the little extras I got with this box …. I mean who wouldn’t love some free chocolate! They were delicious and devoured immediately! The comb was great for applying the hair mask and I have used it since several times with other masks and it really helps get it all over.

Thank you all for reading! Hope you all have a great bank holiday, and don’t forget to make the most of that amazing deal!

Anni. Xx

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