Stop, Lash & Go

Good evening lovely people I hope you’re all well, and having a good week so far.  I’ve been having a really busy couple of week from dealing with work, looking after poorly bambino’s, loosing Cecil Bhuna (Tilly’s rabbit) and generally just trying to stop the house falling into disrepair it’s not been a very productive time on the blog front. Plus to make matter worse I normally sit in the evening and write after Tilly’s gone to bed but we’ve had some Game Of Thrones to catch up on so apologies I couldn’t miss out on those!

However I couldn’t wait any longer to share my amazing lash find with you. A while ago now I asked on Facebook if anyone could recommend some mascaras to me that give you lashes for the gods. Among all the wonderful suggestions quite a few people recommended this one:

Essence – Lash Princess (false lash effect) mascara from Wilkos makeup range. Now I work virtually over the road from our local Wilkos so I’ll admit I’m in there pretty much on a daily basis. I am little bit of a Hinch addict so I’m always after some form of cleaning product to add to the Narnia! Even though I’m in there every day and walk right past the makeup I’ve never actually tried any of their products before. If I’m completely honest I was being somewhat of a makeup snob and just assumed that because I haven’t heard of the brand and because the products are cheap they wouldn’t be very good. Naughty Anni!

As the product is ONLY £3.30 I needed to give it a go, I’ve certainly spent a lot more on mascaras that promise the earth but actually just leave you with little stubs for lashes so if it didn’t work I hadn’t lost much.

To start with the design of the tube is actually well thought out, the design on the handle is rubbery so doesn’t slip and try and escape from me all over the nice cream carpet, always a bonus. I love mint so this is a very appealing tube for me.

Now the important part, do my eyelashes look like tiny little stumps or spiders legs? The answer to that would have to be no. As you’ll see from the following pictures my before lashes can barely be seen and the this beauty steps in lengthens and volumises them beautifully. I usually use two coats on each eye but that’s only because I like a little more pazazz on my eyelashes day to day. There’s no clumping and the brush was long and tapered which made it very easy to cover all eyelashes, top and bottom.

I really wasn’t expecting much from a £3.30 mascara but this has quickly become my every day staple. Not only does it make my eyelashes look long and lustrious but it’s very long-lasting. I go all day without any flaking and it looks just as good as it did in the morning. Very easy to remove and doesn’t leave me with panda eyes in the morning.

I highly recommend you give this a mascara a try it gave my lashes volume, length and a lovely curl that lasted all day. I’ve definitely learnt not to judge a book by its cover, or a mascara by its price. This bargain value mascara is certainly one that should be in everyones beauty bag. To think the money I’ve spent on mascara’s in the past….. my bank balance is certainly going to thank me on this one. Essence cosmetics also say no to animal testing so your not only saving your purse but the bunnies will thank you to.

Let me know if you’ve tried this and what you thought?

Have a wonderful week.

Anni xx

8 thoughts on “Stop, Lash & Go

  1. I hear SO MANY positive reviews about this mascara so I’m really going to have to give this a try. Essence is an interesting brand in that it is a very affordable drug store brand in the US, but it has limited distribution so I am only able to find it at my local Target store! But I love how you described this as giving volume, length, and lasting curl to your lashes for such an inexpensive price point!

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    1. Thank you so much for reading!! For the price it really is one of the best mascara’s I’ve tried….. and I’ve tried a lot! If you can get hold of one you should. It’s my every day go to now. X


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