Tone That Derrière With A Celebrity Booty Workout

Hi everyone, hope you’re having a fabulous week, I’ve been working on something a little bit different for you all the past few weeks. Instead of reviewing a product, I’m going to be reviewing my newest attempt to get these thunder thighs toned.

After three years I finally decided enough was enough and I was ready to get back into shape, my long lost love of exercising was burning to be set free, because believe it or not before my little Tillypops arrived I was mega on the exercise front. But as you all know when the little monkeys arrive sometimes one of the last things you feel like doing is exerting more energy.

I wanted to loose a little bit of weight and tone up but I love food far too much to diet so exercise was the way forward. I started running again accompanied by my lovely friend Claire but I felt like I needed something else to help tone and really push me out of my comfort zone. Which brings us nicely along to Facebook and one of it’s more helpful uses promoting and supporting new and local businesses. One of my lovely (and extremely fit and healthy) facebook friends Adele announced she was starting her own business ‘Motiv-8 Motivational Fitness For Everybody’, a community where everyone feels welcome and classes will be available for all fitness levels.

The main class that Adele runs is the Celebrity Booty Workout – “one of the brand’s created by Dominique Parlatt and creater of #warriers. These classes are designed for anyone and everyone, the idea is to create a safe place for people to come together and enjoy the classes and get fit without judgement, using a mixture of cardio and resistance ( using resistance bands). She is currently the only licensed trainer in Lincolnshire offering this class.

For those of you that don’t know me I’m something of an introvert and get quite anxious trying out anything new, so I spent a few weeks watching posts and wishing I was brave enough to give it a go but not actually being able to book myself in. Then luck would have it Adele decided to run a little competition for a free class which I won!

I didn’t really know what to expect for my first class but I managed to persuade my auntie to come along with me to share journey. When we got there everyone was extremely friendly, there were no judgemental stares like you can get from certain exercise establishments and Adele came over straight away, explained what we needed to do and lent us a green band each to get started with.

Each class lasts approximately an hour is filled with both cardio and strength exercises, using the bands to work your legs, arms and core. Each of the routines are fun and p easy to pick up, and only last the length of a song so theres plenty of chance to take a quick break for a drink (which trust me you will need). The routines really do work you hard and I felt every muscle that first week screaming out in defiance. But I pushed through and I’m so pleased I did, I always sleep like a baby after I’ve done one of her classes. Even though I’ve only done 3 sessions I can tell things are starting to change as I’m ready to go up to the next band strength. I finally feel like I’m getting back on the fit and healthy track.

The resistance bands are only £5 for the pack of 5 and are all in varying strengths which you can decide when and if you’re ready to move up to the next one. Personally, I think this is absolutely brilliant and really do make the classes accessible for all ages and fitness levels. There’s no pressure to move up a band you just take it at your own pace and do what you body wants you to do.

I really couldn’t recommend Adele and her classes highly enough, everyone should give them a go. If your looking for a friendly and fun environment to let off some steam and get fit then this is the place for you. If you don’t live in the Lincolnshire area then get out there and find your nearest celebrity booty workout. You won’t regret it!

Let me know if you’ve tried the Celebrity Booty Workout before and what you think?

Hope you have a fantastic evening.

Anni xx

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