Summer Lovin’ – August Birchbox Review

Happy weekend guys hope your all having a good one! Finally had some nicer weather fingers crossed we’ll eventually get the summer we all deserve!

We’ve been busy having lots of family time and dealing with a three year old whose definitely finding her feet! It’s all fun and games, but mentally wresting with the equivalent of a baby crocodile tends to make me a little tired by the time I’ve actually got her to bed so I haven’t been the most productive when it comes to blog time! I am going to try and get s post out every Sunday night now though, won’t be makeup every week, going to throw in a few books reviews and parenting stories to keep you all on your toes.

Anyhoo onto this months Birchbox review! The box itself is stunning I absolutely love the design this box I won’t be passing onto Matilda to fill with craft bits, this ones for me! The theme this month is Summer Lovin’ and is filled with goodies that help a summer carefree vibe. It’s a good mixture of products; makeup, skincare and hair care all included! I was particularly excited about the mermaid highlighter as I’m a humongous highlighter fan. Here’s a quick glance at all the products I’ll be this month.

Glamglow – Thirstymud Hydrating Mask Treatment.

Claims: Like a large glass of water for your skin, this mask provides immediate, deep hydration to enhance your skins radiance and suppleness. A potent blend of nourishing, energising actives, including hyaluronic acid and raw honey. Rrp £42

My Thoughts: Firstly I’m a huge Glamglow fan, I love their products and I know they tend to be on the pricey side but the quality is always high and they make my skin feel amazing. Also if you’ve got this box or get it and you end up with this sample don’t use the entire tube on your face like I did! I got a little carried away and before I knew it the whole thing was on there. It does sting a little at first but I’ve spoke to a few other people with this mask and it was exactly the same for them, the tingling does subside very quickly, then you can just relax for 20 minutes before you need to wash it off. This mask left my skin feeling extra smooth and very soft, I think with continued use it would really help combat some of the dryness I suffer with and if I hadn’t been a dingbat I could have got a lot more use from my sample tube as despite what I did you only need a thin cover to make the mask work. It’s something I’d have to save up for but I think it worth the price.


Model Co – Mermaid Glow Highlighter

Claims: Add a little magic to your makeup with this pearlescent highlighter. Don’t let the pastel shades scare you – the multicoloured hues can be swirled together, creating the perfect ethereal glow. Rrp £10

My Thoughts: This is a big hit, I was a little dubious when I saw the colours but I just thought why not and gave it a try one day, just keeping my fingers crossed I didn’t end up looking like a clown. Fortunately for me though these colours altogether do look really pretty, I just used a fluffy brush over all the colours and popped it all over my cheekbones, the result was a gorgeous shine. It creates the perfect hue for me, it’s not the most blinding highlight I’ve ever seen but the colour it created really suited my skin tone and blended really easily on top of foundation. I’m now finally a mermaid!!


Balance Me – Hyaluronic Plumping Mist

Claims: This superfine must blends hydrating and plumping hyaluronic acid with soothing chamomile water in a tropical potion that improves skin with every spritz. Rrp £18

My Thoughts: I’ve got to be completely honest this was a huge flop for me, I’ve used it several times now and it doesn’t suit my skin at all. It certainly didn’t soothe my skin if anything it aggravated any sensitive bits. Plus if you do spritz make sure you don’t get it anywhere near your mouth and lips, it tastes awful, and made my sore lips even worse. I didn’t notice any difference in my skin for the better, so unfortunately it’s a thumbs down on this one for me.


Anatomical – Great British Flake Off Summer Strawberry Body Scrub

Claims: This summery smelling scrub helps skin feel it’s very best. Effective yet gentle the formula contains sweet almond oil and glycerin to deeply hydrate and smooth, plus apricot seed powder to buff and exfoliate. Rrp £1.50

My Thoughts: The price for this is incredible!!! Now the bottle will probably only last for a couple of scrubs as we got a full-size version, but I think it more than worth it, I love the catchy name and it smells incredible. My skin felt extremely smooth and very hydrated. I’ll definitely be stocking up on these and I’m hoping they have a few more scents for me to try. Don’t have a bad thing to say about this scrub was fab in every way. Even after just a couple of uses I noticed a difference particularly on my legs where I suffer the worst.


Oribe- Supershine Moisturising Cream

Claims: This multitasking and hardworking formula is made with intensely nourishing amino acids that act as both a leave in conditioner and a styling cream. Helping to calm tame and soothe coarse, thick or frizzy hair. Rrp £20

My Thoughts: I’m still a little undecided about this one, at first I didn’t think I liked it as I wasn’t massively keen on the smell and once my hair was styled it actually seem frizzier than normal, however as the day went on and into the second day my hair was so much easier to manage. It didn’t make my hair greasy like some hair creams I’ve used in the past and on day 2 I simply brushed my hair in the morning and that was me done for the day! Which I never do thanks to the amount of frizz my hair seems to gain overnight. This is a product that’s definitely growing on me and I will continue to use all the sample as you only need a coin-sized amount each use it should last a while. I’m just not sure if I’m going to be ordering a full-size yet.


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Thank you all for reading and I hope you have a fabulous week, let me know if you’ve tried any of these products and what you think also if you fancy a little treat follow the link below and enter code ‘LAGUNA’ at the till for a free full size dusky pink Ofra liquid lipstick.