The Aftermath – Rhidian Brook

Hello everyone, I thought I'd add another little string to my bow and add my love of books to the blog. I have always been absolutely book obsessed, so I thought I'd take some of my Instagram book reviews and put everything in one place for any of you fellow beauty and book lovers that … Continue reading The Aftermath – Rhidian Brook

Rise and Prime

First things first, I must admit that up until recently I've always been a bit of a primer snob, I assumed (albeit wrongly) that I needed to spend at least £30 to get something decent that wouldn't dry my face and would keep my makeup in place longer. For the last few years, I've been … Continue reading Rise and Prime

Live A Life Beautiful

Hello everyone! Welcome to my August Birchbox review, this month Birchbox has teamed up with ten amazing Etsy sellers to create their own stunning box designs. Each one represents each seller's individuality and passions, my box was designed by The Fox In The Attic a seller that creates beautiful baby cushions, rattles and stationary. If … Continue reading Live A Life Beautiful

Shine Baby Shine!

To highlight or not to highlight? That is the question. For me, I like to glow like a beacon every single day. However, I have had a lot of people in the last few months asking what highlighter is? Is it easy to use? Where does it go? How do I decide which one to … Continue reading Shine Baby Shine!

Give me that Galactic Glow!

Over a month ago I began what felt like an endless search for a new highlighter. Trying to battle my way through an ocean of liquid gold and sparkles felt like a never-ending (but albeit very pleasant) battle. With so much choice out there I knew that I wouldn't have to spend the earth the … Continue reading Give me that Galactic Glow!